Competitor analysis

Competitor and market overview

List of competitors, their solutions and attributes

Analysis of current market state

Any further competitive metrics

Competitor differentiators

What differentiates your competitors

Competitor marketing strategies

Competitor pricing strategies

Any other metrics

Tactical opportunities

Current opportunities to be able to stand out from competitors

Market openings and loopholes

New product launch opportunities

Detail-oriented competitor analysis

Competitive findings and actionable reports

Timing: 1 week

Data map and analysis

Data map & analysis

Data map research and reporting

Creation of an actionable data map

Data map presentation and discussion


Collaborative analysis for actionable solutions

Goal mapping and tracking


Integrate all findings into the business plan and deconstruct goals into easily-accomplishable steps

Identifying keys to success

Multi-faceted data mapping

Timing: 1 week-10 days

Industry monitoring


Define and research all key industry metrics


Monitor selected metrics

Provide weekly reports on progress

Report and integrate

Summary of weekly reports into one monthly report

Discussion with team

Integration of proposed solutions into business plan

Efficient, professional monitoring

Provision of critical insights

Timing: 1 month (ongoing)

Pricing analysis

Research options for pricing strategy

Carry out in-depth research on appropriate pricing strategy for current business mode

Create a report on most viable options

Present and discuss

Present most viable options to team

Pick a pricing strategy based on key data points

Pricing rollout

Roll out new pricing strategy to the market, alongside any website or social media content related to announcement

Powerful ROI

Careful consideration

Timing: 2 weeks

product development

Product market analysis

Demand analysis for different product options

Collection of customer feedback and product preferences

Pinpoint any gaps on the market

Product building

Plan new product execution strategy

Devise new features, pricing, and any other aspects related to product development

Execute pre-launch strategy

Product launch

Roll out new product with all related announcements and trial versions for loyal customers

Intricate product market analysis

Scalable execution strategies

Timing: 4-6 months

Growth strategy

Growth opportunity identification

Review existing state of the market and industry

Identify growth opportunities

Growth opportunity analysis

Analyze growth opportunities detected during identification process

Match growth opportunities with business capabilities

Create growth strategy

Opportunity execution

Implement growth strategy

Carry out maintenance

Considerable increases in growth

Higher ROI

Timing: 1-3 months






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